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We know you must have read a couple of fiction novel set in past and then surprisingly this felt some sort of preparation for this moment and as we’re excited to vouch into the longing Dubai desert safari morning tour. Travellers visiting emirate without paying heed to Dubai desert safari would be a mistake. In a nutshell, the Dubai desert safari morning tour is one of the most exciting journeys if you’re planning to hop for a desert safari tour.

As you know Dubai desert safari is a mix of both fun and adventure which is considered one of the prominent highlights of Dubai tourism. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai not only provide you with exquisite adventure and sightseeing but the immersive sandy landscape offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the native Arab cuisine and witness their nomadic lives. People from around the globe come to see and nurture of Dubai desert safari. If you’re confused about the various activities on the trip then let us find the best things for you.

Popular Dubai Desert Safari Morning Tour Activities

There are numerous activities in the Dubai desert safari that will throw an adrenaline rush for you.

Dune Bashing in Dubai desert safari

The most enthralling part is riding on a 4×4 wheel drive into the vastness of the Arabian desert for exploring the steep dunes in an adventurous ride. Although the vehicle is supposed the carry at least 6 people at a time. Travellers can participate in joy activity without giving a second thought.

Sandboarding in Dubai desert safari

If you have ever experienced the inmost joy derived from Ice Skating then Sand Boarding in Dubai desert safari morning tour is almost the same. The activity is performed using a wooden board where you can slide down from the top of the dune and experience a new kind of stuff that you haven’t experienced before.

Sandboarding is quite lucrative and balancing on the board that would take some practice but the activity is so fun imploring that you won’t hesitate to fall a few times as because the sand beneath is soft and you don’t get hurt easily.

Camel Trekking in Dubai desert safari

Deserts remains an attractive place for the adventurous camel trekking in Dubai which is considered as one of the rarest activities you will find in desert safari. In ancient times the only mode of transportation in the desert made through camel though time has changed the essence of camel trekking remains the same. In Dubai desert safari you can ride the camelback and enjoy a straight 30 minutes of the ride.

In spite of the fact that whether you have experienced camel riding or not before the Dubai desert safari morning tour guide will provide you with the initial training of climbing, dismounting the camel. If you experience pain in joints, knee or hips we recommend you to carry some pain relievers before the ride. Wearing losing fitting clothes in Dubai desert safari trip will help prevent heat and avoid itchiness on the skin.

Quad bike desert safari Dubai

Quad bike desert safari Dubai is similar to off-roading in a dune buggy that will quench for your thirst for a thrill. The adventurous quad biking is performed in assistance with the expert’s guides as well as off-road driving skills however helmets and sunglasses are worn for safety about 15 peoples are allowed for this ride.

AI Khaimah Desert Camp in Dubai desert safari

The most enthralling way to spend a night out in enjoying traditional Arab culture by means of Bedouin-style camp is located somewhere in the Arabian desert with a lot of amenities for foreign travellers. Likewise, the enchanting place has different leisure activities like Henna painting, belly dancing, tanoura dance shows and shisha smoking. Besides these leisure activities, BBQ dinner is organized which means you can reap many benefits of taking photographs with a Falcon, best live blackjack casinos. Will you prefer a short camel ride at night in camel premises and chances are that travellers visiting AI Khayma desert premises are always on the verge of opting for Evening Desert Safari in Dubai.

Things to ensure in Dubai Desert Safari

  • Travellers making a visit to Dubai desert safari morning tour must ensure they carry comfortable clothes and coloured fabrics as the temperature may rise during the day time. Whereas do not forget to take an extra jacket as the nights on the desert can be chilling.
  • Wear open shoes, sandals or flip-flops while in the desert as sand may get into the footwear and can cause irritation.
  • In case of wind blast in open desert wear protective contact lenses or sunglasses

Best time to visit desert Dubai safari

There are countless things one can do in desert Dubai safari but the most promising trips are evening desert safari in Dubai that offers you a phenomenal experience of the sunset.

But some travellers prefer the cool ambience during the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai that helps them ponder shining golden sands for them, morning desert safari is an ideal choice.

For any traveller to Dubai desert safari morning tour standing in the desert and imagining the time when you have exactly thought of making this trip feels so awe, regardless of the fact that movies, reading about a desert safari in books from actual sprawling terrain looks so magnificent in reality.

Dubai’s landscape mostly consists of desert sands and gravels found all over the region of UAE. Dubai desert safari has become one of the integral parts of Dubai tour. These activities are taken place at different location of Dubai with more than a hundred location to choose from picking the right one seems an overwhelming experience for everyone.

Most arguably both versions share close acquaintances such as camels gazing at desert whereas things get clearer in reality when the ground isn’t looked absolute earthy in colour but seems more golden in texture.

Dubai desert safaris are carried different several time of the day. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai mainly emphasizes in adventure sports such as dune bashing, sand skiing, sandboarding, quad biking which will take you for a thrilling desert ride. On the contrary evening desert safari in Dubai has a lot more to offer starting with buffet dinner, belly dancing, ethnic Arabian painting or maybe spending a night in the desert and gazing at stars.

Dubai Desert Safari Adventure Levels

Not many desert safari activities are such enthralling and adrenaline-pumping in nature. However, the ones that do are worth considering. In contrast, there is entirely a different facet of the Dubai traditional safari that provides you with a place for leisure in a desert camp after the sunsets. In overnight Dubai desert safari, people wear traditional Arabic dresses, try hand painting henna tattoos, smoke sheesha and spend the rest of the night enjoying Arabic dance or so.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai Price

Evening desert safari is the most attractive and exciting activity people enchanted towards. But regardless of the Dubai desert activities, a trip is successful only if you’re able to reap all benefits without spending too heavily or crossing your budget. Look out for The Dubai Adventure Tours – Dubai tour agency that is available on discounts. For example, exploring other parts of Dubai with the help of best concierge services in the city of your choice. Avail a plethora of discounts and desert-themed activities through Dubai Tour Agency.

Travelling to Dubai for the first time means a whole new experience into what Dubai has to offer? Choosing Dubai desert safari combo deals packages offer you a mesmerizing dinner cruise in a traditional dhow as well as ensures a do more things that will not burn in your pockets unless you go for individual experiences.

How does a typical Dubai desert safari feel?

In spite of the fact that Dubai desert safari morning tour experience may differ but there are few typical things such as bashing sand dunes that are designed especially for the buggies also the marvellous dinner at an overnight desert safari which is sleeping under the stars feels truly phenomenal.

Here are a few aspects of the typical Dubai desert safari such as

Transfers – While you may know this when you’re moving out for a trip to Dubai desert safari as most travellers of the Dubai desert safari are provided with the accommodations and transfers to the campsite. The tour agency guide will pick you from the hotel and drop you after the trip is over. Safety and care are ascertained by the transport guides while you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Adventure Thrills – You can do a lot of stuff and fun activities such as dune bashing, sand boarding as well as most demanding camel ride. You can even have a thrilling experience riding the ATV on the desert.

Taste of Dubai – Dubai desert safari promises you with the plethora of traditional activities. As night set in some of the best and exquisite dinner awaits you while the belly dancers seek quite a bit of attention and add excitement to the ambience.

Sunrise or Sunset – Choose from either Morning Desert Safari in Dubai or evening desert safari in Dubai both looked wonderful in their way. Once apart both morning and evening Dubai desert safari empowers a significant sun setting into the dunes.

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Best evening desert safari Dubai price and affordability

Despite the varied tastes of travellers to Dubai, from worldwide. They are certainly having a ton of different Dubai desert safari activities packages as well as combos to help you get the ultimate experience in enormous red dune desert. An empowering trip to Dubai desert safari will offer you a splendid experience that you’ll cherish throughout your life.

No matter how excited you are Dubai desert safari is still most sought-after activity most travelling enthusiasts adore. There are so many things to do and simply can’t be expressed in words. Irrespective of your budget for the Dubai desert safari morning tour trip. A trip to Dubai remains a compelling place you’d ever love to go.

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